Wednesday, 3 December 2014

How to shrink and create new volume in your existing hard disk partition volume

    Shrinking is possible if spaces are available in other drives.


  • ·         Right click on my computer and click Manage.

  • ·         Then click on disk management.

  • After clicking disk management you can see list of hard disk partitions you already have, then select the disk drive you want to shrink (look the present disk volume).
  • A small window querying shrink volume will appear (wait till next shrink window appear).
  • In the window enter the amount of space in MB you want to shrink.
  • Click shrink.
  • Now you will see the disk volume is changed after shrink and a new free space is available to create your new partition.
  • Right click on free space volume and click create new simple volume, new simple volume wizard window will appear.
  • Click next to continue.
  • ·         Set volume size and click next.

  • ·         You can assign the following letter drive or mount in empty NTFS folder (I assigned a letter drive name as “P”).  After that click next.

  • ·         Then select format partition (quick format NTFS). Click next

  • Now you can see the new volume “P”.


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