Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Delete user profile in Windows

Sometimes user profiles face some issues in domain PC. Like login issue, browsing issue and the most important is the profile gives popup like "temporary profile created" when user login every time with his profile. Temporary profile is looks like fresh profile, but it is not fresh profile, every time you login every time it will show as fresh profile.

For this you need to delete the profile from registry. And this solution is for Domain PC.

1st thing is backup: Go to My computer > C: > users > you will see the list of users names logged in, and take the backup of the specific user.

2nd thing is Login with administrator account and open registry editor and search  for "profilelist"

After finishing the search, the profilelist key appears in registry settings. Expand the profilelist key and you find the list of sub keys, the sub keys are nothing but the user profiles. To find the specific key or specific username you want just click on every sub key while clicking on a sub key check whether the user name appears on the right hand side pane.

If u fine the specific key, right click on that and click delete option, and delete the key.

After deleting the key go for My computer > C: > users > and rename the specific username with suffix .bak (example : dvampire.bak). Or you can also delete the username and its content. Most important thing is you must take the backup before you play with registry.

[Note: While changing the registry settings keep a backup first, improper change of registry key will harm your OSChange the registry key at your own risk, Humansmaaart team will not responsible for any damage cause for your OS.]

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