Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Installing Ubuntu from within Windows

   WUBI.exe helps you to install Ubuntu from within Windows, you can download Wubi from ubuntu windows installer download page. This will download the latest version by default. You can download other versions also.
    If you having a live CD/DVD of Ubuntu 12.04, no need to download Wubi. You can get Wubi.exe from the Ubuntu ISO image. 
     Wubi requires windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, windows 7.

Install Ubuntu:
  • Just insert Ubuntu Live CD/DVD. (Note: Do not Autorun it or Do not Run Wubi.exe from the CD/DVD directly).
  • Right click to your DVD drive and open it. Then copy all the content of DVD drive and paste it in your desktop in a folder, give folder name whatever you like except the name “Ubuntu”
  • Do not remove inserted Ubuntu CD/DVD from pc, (if you remove your CD and then start installation there might be an error while you start installation).
  • You can see Wubi.exe from your copied folder, Run that Wubi.exe as Admin, then a new window called Ubuntu installer will appear
  • In the installation drive, select the drive that you want to install Ubuntu. Generally it is selected as C: you can install within C: drive.
  • In the installation size list, select the amount of space that you want to allocate to Ubuntu (you can change it or keep as it).
  • In the desktop environment list, select Ubuntu.
  • In the language list select your preferred language. And enter Username and password of your choice.
  • Then click install, the installation process copies the required file from your CD/DVD, it will takes a while.
  • When Ubuntu has finished installing, the completing the Ubuntu setup Wizard window appears.
  • Then select Reboot now and click Finish. Your computer restarts and windows boot manager appears.
  • Using your Keyboard’s up and down arrow keys select Ubuntu and press Enter. Ubuntu loads and checking the installation wizard appears. Ubuntu is now installed.

NOTE: Wubi installs Ubuntu on the same file partition as Windows, there may be slight degradation in Ubuntu’s performance.

Uninstall from Windows Vista or Windows 7:

Removing Ubuntu in Windows 7 follows the standard Uninstall a program option in Microsoft Windows.

  •   From the start menu select Control panel, Control panel window appears.
  • Under programs, select Uninstall a program (it shows a list of programs you have installed). 
  • You can see Ubuntu installed, select Ubuntu and click Uninstall/change. The Wubi uninstall window appears.
  • Click uninstall, the progress window appears. The completing the Wubi Uninstall wizard appears.
  • Click Finish .

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