Thursday, 23 October 2014


           Naming of profile( Windows OS) is necessary if you having same version of windows OS (win 7 & win 7) in your HDD, on star-tup both OS name will shown as default( as Windows 7), that seems little confusion in choosing right OS. For that purpose of confusion We name the profile.
          If you having Win XP and Win 7 or different versions of OS then no need of confusion.
All you can do with few simple steps:
  •       first step you have to do is, run comand prompt(Admin). 

  •        You have to type command as: bcdedit/set {current} description "name"
 (inside "       " you can add whatever you like, for example: "my pc" or "don't touch my pc" etc)

  •       You can see above image, wright a command like this and press enter
thats all ,,, your profile naming for Windows OS is done

    Note: this naming of profile will not show on start-up if you having a single OS in your HDD, you must have minimum two( or more) Windows OS( profile) in your HDD.

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