Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Outlook configuration and basic troubleshooting

Configuration of Outlook

     Go to start-> setting > control panel > mails >  click on Add > give name for the  new profile >  auto account setup window will open if you are using Outlook 2007. In that you have to select manually configure server setting. Then click on next > then choose email service window will open, with 3 options Internet E-Mail, Microsoft Exchange & Other.
   If you select  Exchange:
      > Tick mark on Microsoft exchange then click on next.
      > Enter Microsoft Exchange  server name.
      > Un-mark use cached Exchange Mode.
      > Then enter user  name and click on check names. click next and then finish.

   If You Select Internet E-mail services:
      > Tick mark on Email services.
      > The Internet Email setting Window  will open.
      > In that you have to enter user name email id and user name and window password  and  enter the incoming  and outgoing  server. After filling all fields, then click on more settings.
      > In that you have to tick mark on  My outgoing server requires authentication.
      > Then in the advanced tab, you have to drag the server timeout default 1  to 10 minutes.
      > Then click on OK.
      > Then click on test Account Settings . if its successful click on next and finish. If test is fail check the username, windows  password is correct or not.

Configuration of PST file

To Create a PST Using Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 or office XP.

      > Open Outlook, Click on File > New > Outlook Data File.
      > Keep Default Setting – Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst) and Click OK.
 (For compatibility with earlier versions of Outlook, under 2002 Personal Folders File (.pst), and then click OK.
      > Select the location where to save the new .PST file.
(Note: Do not save the .pst file in C drive, save the file in D, E, F, any of these, and give name for the .pst file. for EX: F:\11-11-2015.pst). and then click OK.
      > In the Name Field, type Display Name. This is the name which will be displayed in Outlook.
Click OK. (Optionally, you can also enter a Password here to improve Security)
      > New .PST or Local Personal Data Folder will display in your Navigation Pane.

Mail delivery to default PST

     For Outlook 2007
    >go to File-> Data File Management.
    > Select the name of the .pst file that you want make as default and mails delivered to that .pst, and then press the "Set as Default" button.
    > Restart Outlook

     Outlook 2002/2003
    > Go to Tools -> E-mail Accounts -> button Next.
    > At the bottom there is a dropdown list where you can select the name of the .pst file you want to make as default.
    > And then Restart Outlook.

Outlook Rules Configuration

      Create a new rule as follows: Rules wizard > new rule >  Start creating a rule from blank template > next > step 2 >from people or distribution list > type address > next > select specified folder > apply it on current as well as new messages > finish > run now.

PST Repair

      Search the Scanpst.exe file & run the scanpst.exe - browse the PST path - start - If in the PST file any error found then after scanning the PST it will ask for repair - Then click on repair - After repairing the PST - It will prompt as Repair completed - OK.

To recover recent deleted items in outlook

   > Start Registry Editor.
   > Locate and then click the following key in the registry:
   > On the Edit menu, click Add Value, and then add the following registry value:
Value name: DumpsterAlwaysOn
Data type: DWORD
Value data: 1
   > Close Registry Editor.
   > Start outlook & go to Tools—recover deleted items to get the recent deleted mails.

Out of Office Assistant

   > To activate the Out of Office Assistant click-on Tools in the Menu bar and then click-on Out of Office Assistant.
   > The Out of Office Assistant menu screen at the top of the next page will appear.
Type the message that you want others to receive when they send an e-mail message to you. Then
click-in the radio button to the left of I am currently out of the Office. This message will be sent to each person the first time that they send you an e-mail message telling them that you are away from the office.
   >When you return (to your office), and load Outlook , you will see a screen prompt reminding you that Out of Office Assistant is active. You can “turn off” the Assistant when you see this message.

View a mailbox of other user

    From boss outlook > options > delegates  > add the user and give permissions of tasks, calendar and inbox. From secretary's outlook > email options > view > change > more settings > advanced > add mailbox > OK.

Outlook Auto Signature

   > To add the signature to the outlook, click-on Tools in the Menu Bar. When the drop down menu
appears, click-on Options > (option window will open) in that select mail format tab > signatures > new window will open, in that click on new button > type the name for the signature > OK > type the content for the signature in the bottom empty field and then click OK.

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